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The Goodwellness studio may be gone, but I’m still coaching clients virtually on a very limited basis. I keep it small and select because it is important to me to maintain a personal relationship with all of my clients. This approach helps me to best understand your goals.

My fitness coaching career was inspired years ago, when I was a pain relief focused massage therapist. I noticed that a lot of my clients that participated in super intense workout programs were showing up on my table with worn out joints, inflamed muscles, and postural issues. 

To add to that, I was beginning to become frustrated with the lack of progress in my own workouts. I found that the movements that had been effective for me in the past were no longer appropriate for my aging body.

So, I called upon my expertise as an anatomy geek and using a few clients as guinea pigs, I created my own exercise programming! 

My programming is super effective, easy on the joints, and is designed to diminish muscle imbalances. It focuses equally on all areas of fitness: strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and joint stability. Anyone can benefit from it, regardless of fitness level. It is especially appropriate for those of us over 50!

If this sounds ideal for you, there are two ways to have me as your coach.


Join the Virtual Studio!

I teach a different live class on Zoom at 8:30 AM EST Monday through Friday. Minimal equipment is required. There is one monthly fee and you can sign in for as many classes as you’d like.



Sign up for one-on-one coaching!

The fee is hourly, and we meet virtually via Zoom. I can either design workouts for you and lead you through them, or I can assist you in designing your own for home or gym use based on my proven 12-week programming template.

As a member of the team, you will receive access to exclusive ....

  • Video Content

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

  • Fun


Learn more about my story in my book, Good Moves!

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