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30 Minute Full Body! 11/16

My body has been going through some serious changes lately! Without going into much detail, I will just say that my body has been extra bloated. I can easily fluctuate up or down 5 pounds and/or one dress size in a day! It’s been wild, and just another thing to love about getting older. HEHE.


Thank God for sweatpants, is all I’m saying.


My exercise cravings have changed a bit, too. Here’s what I’ve been loving recently:


  1. Higher weight, less reps. After a lengthy break from the big weights, I’ve finally felt the urge to throw them up again!
  2. My cardio sessions (walks and bike rides) have been longer than normal, but less intense. When I do take it up to max effort, I maintain it for no longer than 15 seconds per interval.
  3. Yoga! I’ve been hitting the mat 3 times a week at least. In addition to Kris’s Wednesday class, I like to tack on a 10-minute session of yoga after a walk or bike ride.


You may notice these influences in my classes, like this one! All you need is set of weights, and a blanket or block for your knees.

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